Product Advantages

  • is high quality fruit drink with a natural taste of fresh fruits.

  • contains no artificial flavourings, colour or sweetener - made from nature's own raw materials.

  • is rich in the important Vitamin C.

  • is the fruit drink market leader in Malaysia.

  • has an easy-pour non-drip cap.

  • is superconcentrated - dilutes 10 TIMES. Therefore is an economical product. 

  • has long shelf-life and need not be stored in a refrigerated area.

  • the ideal fruit drink for the whole family.











SUNQUICK is the ideal fruit drink for the entire family with healthy Vitamin C enriched goodness.

SUNQUICK has a real taste of fruit and  is available in 10 different flavours: Orange, Tropical, Red Orange, Grape, Lemon, Peach & Orange, Mandarin, Mixed Mango, Ice Tea with Lemon and Blackcurrant.

SUNQUICK Retail Pack is available in 330 ml bottle (which makes more than 20 glasses of standard drink) & 840 ml bottle(which makes more than 50 glasses of standard drink).

Dilution ratio:
Dilute 1 part SUNQUICK + 9 parts of water.

Normal storage without any special requirements as to temperature. Storage over a longer period: below 20 degrees Celcius and in the shade.


Flavours & Nutrition Information:
Per 165 ml ready-to-drink serving)
Click on the flavours below to know more about its nutritional values



Red Orange


Mixed Mango



Peach & Orange

Mixed Berries
Iced Tea with Lemon