BARKATH CO-RO is a joint venture company between  CO_RO FOOD and Penang-based KUMPULAN BARKATH, to manufacture fruit juice concentrate, SUNQUICK; sold in over 100 countries under various agreements between Co-Ro Food and their  partners.


Sunquick has been marketed in Malaysia for the last 35 years. Initially, it was fully imported by Kumpulan Barkath Sdn. Bhd.  An Exclusive Franchise was later granted to Kumpulan Barkath Sdn. Bhd. for local production at their plant in Mak Mandin.  read more..





KUMPULAN BARKATH was founded by the late Abu Backer Mohd Hussain when he opened a sundry shop called Barkath Stores at Union Street in Penang in 1945. The shop grew from a small family business to a profitable business venture when




Abu Backer opened a plant producing Hacks sweets.   The group now has 22 companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India and Britain. read more..